Charis Centre | Food Assistance Project
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Food Assistance Project


Charis Centre seeks to reach out to less fortunate families staying in. HDB rental units by providing periodic food assistance to them. We are serving 65 families as of year 2015 and am working with. Grassroots organisations, Resident committee etc to serve more families in year 2016-2017.

Program Vision

Give Food, Give Love

Program Objectives


Provide relief for such families/individuals

Provide comfort to such families/individuals by giving the assurance

that there are still people who care about them

Provide a platform for development of positive values to such

families/individuals to contribute to the society by caring for others

  Project Outline

(a) 4 phases of distribution annually:


 Phase one of food distribution – August

 Phase two of food distribution – November

 Phase three of food distribution – February

 Phase four of food distribution – May

(B) Recipients Are Reviewed Yearly:


1) Renewal forms to be given out and returned in June,

 2) Eligible families are notified for continuation for next year,

 3) In cases of vacancies available due to withdrawals, families on waiting list is


(C) Items In Each Food Pack:


1) Rice  2) Milo powder  3) Sugar

4) Instant noodles  5) Cooking oil  6) Biscuits

7) Salt

* Items subjected to change based on availability

Be it cash donation, packing & distributing of food packs or arranging of administrative works,

you can make a difference! Contact us today for ways that you can get involved in!

Email Mr Joe