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" Connecting minds, Changing lives "

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Upcoming Events

Dear members of Charis Centre, please note that AGM for Charis Centre will be held on 26 Jun 2022@1.30pm at Woodlands 11 premises. The agenda are as follows:
1 Acceptance of internal audited accounts
2 Update of Charis Centre upcoming activities. Looking forward to your attendance. Thank you.
亲爱的华恩中心会员,华恩中心会在26/6 星期日,1.30pm, 在华恩中心聚会所(Woodlands11)举行一年一度的华恩的年议会。议程为:
1 通过2021 年账目
2 中心接下来的动向

Frequently Asked Questions

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About Charis

Chris Centre is a Voluntary Welfare Organisation (VWO) registered with the National Council of Social Service (NCSS).

Date of Registration: 30th August 200



Charities (COC) Registration No: 01547

Mission & Vision

Our mission to strive to develop each individual holistically to make a difference in his/her family and society.


Our vision is “Connecting Minds, Changing Lives”


Our core values in Serving the Community, Strengthening Relationships and Spreading Goodness.

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